SchlagArt -Arte Percusivo Integral Libre


SchlagArt- Arte Percussive Integral Libre 

A work in progress project since 2001. SchlagArt is a creative platform and a researching environment  into new percussive poetics evolving within the compositional  experiences that nourishes from the very basic and elemental understanding of percussiveness phenomenology concept in nature.


It began as an explorative experimental path within a diverse rich percussive imaginary world, and as a point of departure state of universal human expression values and idiosyncrasy through percussive elements, including a more broad spectrum of languages, intuitive thinking, visual art...

Life itself.


Life evolves in cycles, so it makes sense art emulates that same cycling evolution procedures. Arte percusivo integral libre means a cycling practice, a way of seeing, listening, sensing, thinking and understanding.


Exponentially, the master works by XX Century composers for chamber percussion music has beed the foundation for SchlagArt architectural construction and evolution, in addition with a natural organic sense of compositional processes, improvisation, parametrization and intuitive thinking, that took in into a solid compositional framework and a complex non-systemic methodology.  

SchlagArt is not a project, but a way of  experiencing within the concept of percussivness phenomenology. As an artistic platform, it is in constant evolution and in continuous researching mode, renewed understanding and knowledge; intertwining musical concepts, ideas related to science, philosophy, psychology, phenomenology and for the last 3 years, neuroscience. 

In creating new music for solo drum set blog