SchlagArt -ArtePercusivoIntegralLibre


SchlagArt- Arte Percussive Integral Libre 

a work in progress creative platform for a new percussive poetics experience that nourishes from the conception of percussiveness phenomenology in nature. It began as an explorative experimental path into the diverse percussive imaginary world, as a departure exploration of universal human expression values and idiosyncrasy thru percussive elements. Started in 2001 as an ending result from years of studying the contemporary  percussion works of I. Xenakis, J. Cage, Maki Ishi, Stuart S. Smith, K. Stockhausen, Per Norgard, among many others; and presenting new original works from living composers, leading to the creation of original  pieces and performances for solo extended-prepared drum set; and later  expanded integrating live poetry, dance and lighting; video art, electronics and sound art. 

SchlagArt platform is in constant evolution. Since the beginning was a continuous researching  path aim for understanding and knowledge, interwining concepts and ideas related to science, philosophy, psychology, phenomenology and for the last 3 years, neuroscience. 

It has turn into a way of seeing and experiencing Nature and humanness reality, in a deeper conscious and perceptive level. It also has become a refreshing methodology for educational purposes and self inquiry.