Creative Real_Time Composition Music

Two Creative Compositional Music trios exploring a unique sound field workspace, born in Valdivia after Residencia Austral in Valdivia, Chile, in November 2018. 

This projects represent the highest state of the art model of new aesthetics creative music today in Latin America. The genuine territory of sound forming and space this projects explores, is the resulting matters of reflective synthesis of languages, cultural aesthetics, formative educational background and a strong sense of adventurous compositional mind.

The music speaks for it self and reaches spectrums beyond any nomenclature within the stablished standards of the latin american creative music until today, since it is a compilation of historically data and information which transcends any intention of  subject limited to the so called experimental and improvised music.

Both projects are evolving as strong interactive relationship with sound forming and composition in real time. Upcoming recordings made in Valdivia coming out in 2019.

This is art music and high aesthetic pop music.



A clarinet- live electronics- percussion trio, formed with FRVSNT DUO by Argentinian clarinetist-composer Luciano Giambastiani and electroacoustic-composer Rodrigo Castellanos (www.milotamez.com.mx/karma/).

This is in the edge top sonic adventure. A voyage into electroacoustic-electronic  music history and XX Century chamber contemporary music literature.




A trumpet-electronics-percussion trio. Formed with Rodrigo Castellanos and Chilenian trumpet great Benjamin Vergara. 

The trio music evolves in a dense rare peculiar atmosphere. It can be considere a new wave ambient music. Texturally speaking reflects a well known sonic environment but the way it develops allows a flowing immersive deep concentration of character, invention, spontaneity, exploration, improvisation and over all an intense sense of compositional process among the three artists.