TOBEATORNOTTOBEAT, Slavery is Abolished...It´s Its? 


A percussive poetic action manifesto on opposition and contradictions within human behaviors of society.


A durational drumming performance composition, embodying the concept of emancipation from oppression. An drumming anthem  honoring the great Black American Jazz Drum Masters.


A statement expression of de-enslaving Self, Autonomy and Freedom of Identity. 


TO-BE-AT-OR-NOT-TO-BE-AT. Eight syllables creating a poetic dynamic essay, inspired by eight Black American jazz drum masters. Conceived and structured under the influential drumming forces of Max Roach, Rashied Ali, Andrew Cyrille, Ronald S. Jackson, Beaver Harris, Famoudou Don Moye, Milford Graves, Sonny Murray. 


The 90 minutes composition is structured in four parts, an introduction, and a long beat mantra coda-finale.

The construction of the poem was inspired by so many different literary practices, speeches, drumming drummer visions, among the main ones were poetry in movement, calligram, concrete poetry, J. Cage "Silence" essays and lectures, and of course the vital force behind the scenes was M. L. King "I Have A Dream" and Max Roach drum solo from the 80´s. 

Here are some slides from the graphic poem.