TAMBORERO LAB 2018, residencia CDMX

Primera versión del TABORERO LAB en vivo. Galería Quinto Piso, Centro Histórico, CDMX_ Marzo 1-2018. Como parte del PERCUSIVISIONES en su primera edición. Presentando música del legendario percusionista suizo Pierre Favre. 


en residencia, cdmx


In Duo with former student, now advanced profesional, Miguel Soto. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. 2013. 



2004 first quartet edition, Mty, N.L. Mx


 We learn more, deeper and faster, through doing a creative practice and collectively cooperate in the process of creative socio-spiritual events like music making. Collaborating in something which may be new, as in the making-realization of a program like TAMBORERO LAB, take us into a different learning path. TAMBORERO LAB started with the idea of exposing to some of my students to a deeper, reacher and more demanding approach to understanding the practice of contemporary drumming. There is involved an attitude of commitment and exigence for being able to overcome natural individual limits, self indulgence and self discipline, weak musical practice habits, lack of drumming concept understanding, clarity of intuitive thinking, improvisation abilities, understanding of forms and acceptance of differences in perspectives and imagination in a collabortive situation, etc.  And at the same time, as a proposition to a quite rigorous ensemble practice for the discovering of new ways of approaching drumming within a history clear perspective. TAMBORERO LAB opens a wide door for the creative musical mind as well as to a profound comprehension of percussive forms and cultural diversity and bordering. This means that every student is free to explore and approach in his/her own way the practice and application of a  world wide human cultural universal language heritage, that has been passed it on to us as a musical path for evolution.    


Festival Espontáneo, 2013. Teatro Zebadua,  San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.
Festival Espontáneo, 2013. Teatro Zebadua, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.







TAMBORERO LAB is a drum-percussion ensemble workshop  started in 2004. This drum set-percussion ensemble is inspired by the great percussion ensembles M´Boom by Max Roach, Singing Drums of Pierre Favre, the work ensemble of Milford Graves / Andrew Cyrille/Famoudou Don Moye/Kenny Clark; and many african percussion artists like those of Doudou N´Diaje Rose, Boubakar Diagne, Famoudou Konate, among many others. There is also a profound influence by XX Century Chamber Percussion Music  in my approach to composing and arranging for this workshop; the music of Edgar Varese, John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Lou Harrison, to name just a few, remain in my musical thinking and conducting of the workshop materials at all times. 

TAMBORERO LAB began in 2004 after 6-7 years of private teaching; as a pedagogic and didactic workshop environment to explore into the so diverse territories on which drum set-percussion music and the instrument itself evolved during the last century history. The repertoire on which the workshop develops is a combination of music vocabularies and percussion techniques, languages and drumming attitudes,  that range from jazz, free improvisation, ethnic music, progressive drumming, orchestral percussion and free form playing, in a very unique chamber music context. The ensemble workshop ideally started as a quartet format, presenting concerts from 2005 to 2008; then, after a brief breacking off of two years, the workshop has been working mostly in a duo format, offering workshops and presenting concerts from 2012 to 2016. 


Pierre Favre music from Singing Drums Ensemble, arrangements and adaptations by Milo Tamez 2013.

Arrangements and adaptations of Pierre Favre music from Singing Drums Ensemble. 

TAMBORERO LAB program is based in musical arrangements and compositions that integrates the rhythmics of the World. The sheet music is well prepared to fit into the specific needs of every student, offering a wide open field for the development and refinement of musicality, language and form understanding, technical fluency, phrasing and breathing, music theory, drum sheet music reading, improvisation in style, and more.

TAMBORERO LAB is intended for the serious student of drumming. But it is also an open workshop for amateur practitioners as well as a demanding LAB for the more professional ones. 

Some room for experimentation with live poetry, soundscapes, video art...

CONSTELACIONES con poesía viva de Eugene Gomringer, 2013




TAMBORERO LAB is now working in residency in CDMX. Offering open permanent session classes every Saturday morning.  Planing  a series of intensive workshops and concerts during 2017-2018.  For more information about the sessions or special events, workshops and concerts please contact me: eemiltamz@gmail.com