Inspired by the great percussion ensembles M´Boom by Max Roach, Singing Drums by Pierre Favre, the Milford Graves/Andrew Cyrille/Famoudou Don Moye/Kenny Clark percussion ensemble.

I started TAMBORERO LAB in 2004 as a pedagogic drumming program, in a chamber ensemble class format.   

We learn more, deeper and faster, through doing a creative practice and collectively cooperate in the process of creative socio-spiritual events like music making. Collaborating in the making-realization of a program like TAMBORERO LAB, take us into a different learning path.

TAMBORERO LAB started as a pedagogic idea, introducing and exposing  some of my students to a deeper, reacher and more demanding approach to understanding the practice of contemporary drumming, based on fresh compositions and challenging arrangements for drum ensemble.

Festival Espontáneo, 2013. Teatro Zebadua,  San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.
Festival Espontáneo, 2013. Teatro Zebadua, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

The discovering of new ways of approaching drumming within the history  perspective. TAMBORERO LAB opens a wide door for the creative musical mind as well as to the profound comprehension of percussive language from its cultural diversity and bordering. Freedom to explore and approaching in our own way the practice and application of a  world wide human cultural universal language heritage like drumming is, has to do with evolution of man kind.    

African drumming is as essential than American Traditional Jazz Drumming. The repertoire of pieces for the workshop include many works based on Yoruba, Ghana, Guinea and Senegal drumming traditions.

Arrangements and adaptations of Pierre Favre music from Singing Drums Ensemble. 

TAMBORERO LAB program is based in musical arrangements and compositions that integrates the rhythmics of the World. The sheet music is well prepared to fit into the specific needs of every student, offering a wide open field for the development and refinement of musicality, language and form understanding, technical fluency, phrasing and breathing, music theory, drum sheet music reading, improvisation in style, and more.