¿Do we think music or music think us?


Working our own self, as the ideal ¨field medium¨, as  the essential material for a unique approach towards a New Musical Onticism. 

Is an open_environment_system_source for experimentation and experiencing evolving compositional processes.


I created it in CDMX in 2017- 2018  as an idea for  re-thinking, re-resourcing, re-educating, re-forming, re-codifying, the ¨musical being¨  in us. 


Is an  open researching and self inquiring methodology, build mainly from the stand point of ourselves, our thinking habits and historical perspectives we had been exposed to.


The basics for development  involves working within our sound self, present, imaginary being. 


The work depart from the nature of nature; from where the musical ideas as Ideas comes from;  and from this point onward, from a liberating demarcation of denominations, style concepts, prefixed determinist aesthetics  and their models built and evolved through History.


It is a state of the art working_space_environment_field; which means, a call for a renewal cultural paradigms and constraints of the psyche, archetypes, reminiscences and traces of thinking, from the past into the present future, and features of  social behavior, thought and autonomy, self knowledge and understanding.


The Program is open to anyone (non artist included!) who are interested in the compositional processes, evoking within ourselves experiences and awareness of self.

¨I¨  a compositional process with Fabian Rangel

for Violin and Extended DrumSet Percussion


¨I¨ is the composition resulting from self questioning, sensory experiencing of self state, self awareness, perception and consciousness of the inner and outer environment. It is the complex compound opening and  answering, to those inner questions resulting from a working compositional process, integrated by philosophical ideas, aesthetic researching and study, within the classical and contemporary musical tradition, experimental music orientation, Creative Music and Music Improvisation.


The working process with Fabian Rangel, violinist and music student at ESM in Mexico City, expands beyond the complex world of music itself, and  from the academical stand point of view. To begin with, the creative workshop started from the inner impulse, a sense of sound, vibration of the body and its temperature;  as a spring of generative elements nurturing the whole process, from its beginning to its end. The revealed implications involved in the process, brought to life complex personality problems to be resolved, through a sort of inner treatment in itself.   


¨I¨,  has been composed departing from the idea of  natural properties in the body of Fabian. As music, it has been conceived like a plasma graphic score, as a self container of textural elements, that evolves into modules of mixed material  of traditional music notation subjects. Improvisation plays a basic role, and as a tool for interlacing the 4 parts of the whole work.


The work is well organized  and supported by a symbol key code notation, for the conceptual and performance of the materials. And it offers the possibility to be performed as a violin and drum set duo, or as a large string and percussion ensemble.  

Graphos-nets-micro universes-eternal return

Compositional Process with Diego Villaseñor 2018-2020

The work with has started from diverse appreciations and particular perspectives, questions and appropriations, and from co-creative interactions that are expressed in several and very diverse levels. This process is (largely) the result and experiment on concepts developed in my Philosophy thesis A Thought Exploration, around the functioning of thought and meaning. The TALLER ABIERTO has definitively become the "ideal field medium" for work around ideas and concepts of nature research, the process is not the work, poetics and materiality, among others. (D. V.) 

For HABITAT, the main concept revolves around two ideas related to networks: ecological networks and thought networks (or networks of ideas). 


On a deeper level it is about the exploration of the hypothesis that networks of ideas behave much like ecological networks, that is to say, ideas evolve over time in an _open environment_ by establishing diverse types relationships with each other, transforming each other in feedback loops, i.e. opening and closing niches of possibility, defining possible ideas, representations, imaginations, etc. 


The ideas we explore are of course sonic ideas and for the sake of better imitating the fractal recursivity of nature, they are the result of a kind of sonic phenomenology of a natural environment (a forest, as there's much of it in our own experiences).


In a way the whole idea behind the process has been to apply this notions to every aspect of it. 


Thus the creative process has been recursive-iterative from the beginning and has evolved much (we know our own creative collaboration is such a network of ideas as we aim to describe). 


At the beginning we started with a set mathematical lie graph scores, that detailed the various elements of an ecosystem. We then proceeded to explore each of them instrumentally at different scales (a bee, a swarm, a flower, a field, a pollination process, a molecular interaction, etc.). From there we produced many recorded materials which we are now (re)iterating inside an algorithmic generative environment (working with graph data structures) to regenerate the diverse elements of such an environment. 



It is important for us that each sonic element bears it's own set traces, so that in different moments a listener can perceive that element from a different perspective, just as one perceives a natural space, and as the elements of the environment perceive-interact with each other.

Presentación dentro del Programa Arte, Ciencia y Complejidad Centro

de Ciencias de la Complejidad (C3) de la UNAM