TALLER_ABIERTO 2:8 Is an open_environment_system_source for the experimentation and experiencing within compositional processes. I created it in CDMX in 2017- 2018 as a complex rethinking approach of metaphonic thought, where open research, phenomenology and complex thinking, operates as an integral way for the awareness of  present state. It works  as an introvision within the sound state of the world in us and from our present sound imaginary; evolving from an inner  pure place within us, where the Apollonian and Dionysian openly coexist merely to the compositional service for  the self acknowledgement of the music before music. 

We work from the nature of nature, from a liberating demarcation of denominations, style concepts, prefixed determinist aesthetics and their models; away from the cultural paradigms and constraints of the psyche, the archetypes within cultural dogma, and out of the fictions created by hermeticism that social behavior thought generates as a result of the knowledge and practices in itself. The orientation and concentration within the exploration and of the work to be done, goes deep into the Being of the musical Being, in our noetic sense of the musical being.


The program works as a fertile environment for creative compositional processes, as an instrumental explorative practice, and for the awakening of a state of being that is inhabited in the doing/making. It does not seek to provide a technical tool, but to introducing the positive and negative implications inherent to the creative mind-body process that conforms an open ended  technique of compositional thinking, exploration, self inquiry, researching continuum workout, decoding and reconfiguration of mindset and performing into the unknown within ourselves.


Aimed at musicians and artists  interested in auditive thinking, percussivness, audiovision; the system is focusing on phenomenological issues of order, transformation, change and movement. The program is open to anyone who is interested in the compositional processes and mind/body experiencing work, in the percussive awareness, proprioception and cognition, eukinetics , auditive thinking, kinesiology, and especially on the state of present self singularity.



a compositional process by Fabian Rangel

for Violin and Extended DrumSet Percussion

¨I¨ is the composition resulting from self questioning, sensory experiencing of self state, self awareness, perception and consciousness of the inner and outer environment. It is the complex compound open answering to those inner questions resulting from a working progress process integrated by philosophical ideas, aesthetic researching and study within the classical and contemporary musical tradition, experimental music orientation, Creative Music and Music Improvisation.

The working process with Fabian Rangel, violinist music student at ESM in Mexico City, expands beyond the complex world of music itself from the academical stand point of view. 

To begin with the creative workshop started from the inner impulse as a spring of generative elements nurturing the whole process. The revealed implications involved in the process brought to life complex personality problems to be resolved through a sort of inner treatment in itself. 

So ¨I¨ has been composed departing from the idea of percussiveness in sound and its natural properties in the body. As music, it has been conceived like a plasma graphic score as a self container of textural elements, that evolves into modules of mixed material  of traditional music notation subjects. Improvisation plays a basic role as a tool for interlacing the 4 parts of the whole work.

The work is well organized  and supported by a symbol codification for the conceptual and performance of the materials. And it offers the possibility to be performed as a violin and drum set duo or as a large string and percussion ensemble.