Milo Tamez artistic vision urges for a renewed listening sensitivity on drumming music  practice. His study work is about the percussionist interrelationships of body-mind intertwining,  searching for new responses of body gesture and percussive compositional thought. A leading voice in the advancement of creative drumming expression in México, Tamez adapts a wide background of percussive languages and artistic perspectives to find his own place within the American Drumming Paradigm. Milo´s percussive process transcends the limits of linear rhythm and adventures himself into a continuous discovery of new unknown fields of musical and compositional thinking. His solo works for extended-prepared drum-set percussion are authentic historical review of 20th Century percussion music within a deep orientation to diasporic drumming intertwining diverse forms and paths of creative practices.

As an educator, Tamez’s work is musicological. He has created and developed new methodologies and written several innovative study work and musical materials for drum-set ensemble.

Milo's polifacetic career has leading him into a diverse study and research interests as a performer,  educator and creative collaborator. He has performed, taught or lecture in various contexts at RedCat and CalArts Music School, LA; Transplanted Roots Symposium, UG, Guanajuato; Santa Fe Art Center, New Mexico; Yerba Buena Art Center, SF; MACO Oaxaca, Mx; MUAC, México City; ALEF Festival and Diplomado en Neuro Ciencias UNAM, México; UB Buffalo University, NY; Universidad Austral, Valdivia,  Chile; CMMAS, Morelia, Mich, Mx. Among many others.