Milo Tamez artistic vision urges for a renewed listening sensitivity on drum music and practice. He focus his study on the percussiveness phenomena in nature, its effects on creative invention and alterative evolving continuity. His work concentration is in the percussionist interrelationships of body-mind interwinding,  searching into the root-origin of drumming for new responses, body gesture and musical expression.

His work evolves from the textural embodiment of sound organization  nourishing his constructive imagination and inventiveness.

A major leading voice in new creative extended/prepared drum set percussion music in Mexico, Tamez adapts a wide background in percussive languages and artistic perspective to find his own place within the American Drumming paradigm.    

His percussive approach goes from minimal-silent  and reductionist environments, to more energetic 'out spoken' ones; covering multidisciplinary fields of poetry, painting and video art, dance and performance, audiovisual installations and space interventions. 

He is an active  educator and researcher, leading workshops and private classes, in private studio, schools and universities.