Milo Tamez

Created  SchlagArt- Arte Percusivo Integral Libre in 2001, as a compositional explorative platform expanding into a new percussive poetics.

An incessant researcher, his artistic vision urges for a renewed listening sensitivity on drum music and practice. He focuses on the percussiveness phenomena in nature, and its effects on creative invention. His work concentration is in the percussionist interrelationships of body-mind interwinding, implying the eukinetic and cognitive body-instrument, looking deeply into the origins of percussive fact for new responses, body gesture and musical expression.

His work evolves from the textural embodiment of sound organization in the nature of percussive phenomena, nourishing his constructive imagination and inventiveness.

A major leading voice in new creative extended/prepared drum set percussion music in Mexico. His approach goes from minimal-silent  and reductionist environments, to more energetic open improvising ones; covering multidisciplinary fields of poetry, painting and video art, dance and performance, audiovisual installations and space interventions. 

He is active as an educator, leading workshops and private classes, in private studio, schools and universities. His artistic collaboration with other projects includes creative artists from AvantJazz, New Chamber Music, Free Improvisation, Contemporary Dance and Theater, Experimental Music and Film, Visual Arts. He constantly appears at Festivals and Art Encounters, performing solo or in collaboration with other projects.

Currently resides in Mexico City developing his own projects  POLLOCK tambores pintores; COLLAGE ENSEMBLE; FIELDS; TALLER ABIERTO; and participates in activities and projects with UNAM Program ACT (Arte. Ciencia y Tecnología) as well as constant collaborations with other creative artists and projects.