POLLOCK tambores pintores


POLLOCK tambores pintores is created and developed under the premise of an extended/prepared drum set percussion. 

I started the project in February 2017 in Mexico City.


The vision behind this novel work  is about the rhythmic gesture of color on the surface, of the trace and the timbral texture on the membrane (empty canvas), in creating a fertile sound field for the expression of temporal landscapes, synesthetic states, of transient exploratory moments and excursions to remote regions of color movement, shapes and sound masses, in the search for infinite possibilities of rhythmic treatment and corporal percussive synergy.


The essence of the project is based on the creation, composition and  development of  "Three Compositional Matrices".


The conception of the work exposes a very rich and diverse percussionist deployment of high level of physical and mental energy, conceptual depth and aesthetics. The working process pushes the performers to physical-mental limits through their exploratory abilities.


The ensemble is conceived as a single instrument, a huge extended/prepared drum set percussion, creating a psychophysical-acoustic field, in which the spectator is assaulted by percussive sound particles, and massive movements of sonic forms, tonalities, textures and multi-layers of speeds, volumes and dynamics of energies, which are internalized in a sensory journey without precedent.


POLLOCK tambores pintores was born from Jackson Pollock`s concept of action painting, and I took it into the quantum concept of inertial energy action, in the percussive field.


The project is a body-mind workout, carried out as a process of experiential psycho-physical, proprioceptive, kinesiological and eukinetic exploration; as an immersion to the very origins of percussiveness in the body.

Three Compositional Matrices

I Bosón  

for gongs and tutti


Without gravity, the molecule is stimulated by an inertial vibration in continuous acceleration.

When it reaches a maximum level of acceleration, it explodes and fragments into billions of particles, that come and go in all directions, accelerated, they are born and they die,

colliding with each other,

creating a collapsing sound cluster.

The poetics of a subtle vibration that grows and creates.

A meeting between geometry, symmetry and intuition

Nature manifests in equal masses but always growing, changing;

it is a given condition without explanation,

for the understanding  of all evolution.

Color is an emotional state,

a percussive expression of the metaphysical state of the body


Percussiveness and Abstract Expressionism


 II Pollockianas

for glass microtonal canvas, electroacoustic sound and tutti  


We are about to trans-fix the now, in a constantly downcast  by error. It is about the expression and release of tensions between the physical action of the body, and the internal intuitive impulse; the inertia that leads to the physical expression of an imaginary-creative action, within our interior  temporal  landscape ad lib 

... the presence of matter is simply a disturbance of the perfect state of the field; something accidental, just a stain; but the order and symmetry in the underlying field must be sought ...(J. Pollock)

Multidimensional Percussive Sculpture

III Time Sculptor/Noise Speculations

for ¨shadow playing¨ and tutti


... spontaneously born as a being that previously did not exist in any meaningful way. The creation of the real from the unreal, the breathing of fire in the equations that sustain the world ...

this matrix occurs as the subconscious mental construction of playing, of what we do not know  we play in the real ¨conscious¨ moment of playing ...


Our sense of time requires extensive travels through large landscapes of brain territory in order to have a version of reality.

The work and its tides with Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

The percussivist musical experience.