An extended / prepared Drumset Percussion ensemble created in February 2017 in CDMX. The POLLOCK ¨tambores pintores¨ music is based and developed on the trilogy "Tres Matrices Composicionales" a work in progress tesis created and developed by Milo Tamez for this unique project. This contemporary percussion conception, exposes a very rich and diverse instrumental battery deployment of high energy level, conceptual and aesthetic depth. The stage offers a huge set of instrumentation very attractive to the eye as it is to the open ear, both senses stimulated in unprecedented ways. Its performers in the ensemble are taken to physical body limits generating an incredible high-subtle energy level for creating a group sound as powerful as a Big Bang explosion and also a silent-interior sonic environment as the faint barely audible vibration of a wave of outer spatial micro sound spectrum. The ensemble percussively explores the instrument as well as the stage space, creating a psychophysical-acoustic field in which the viewer is assaulted by billion of percussive sound particles and massive movement of sonic shapes, volumes and tonalities, that internalizes in a deep sensory journey without precedent. 





Color is

an emotional state,

a percussive epxression

of the metaphysic state

of the body.