A naturalistic piece for self reflection on human                  specie and Nature species on Earth

OXYOQUET ¨El Volcán Silencioso¨ Piezas en Cadencia I-XII

Inspired and developed between 2013-2015, at the Reserva Natural Huitepec, Altos de Chiapas.

A naturalistic piece devoted for self reflection on Human specie and Nature species on Earth. For solo extended-prepared drum set-percussion,  real time electronics, soundscape environment and video art.  

Cenceived as an open work improvised composition that pretends to reflect the organic flow of movement, sound and light formations in nature. The essence of the composition deepens into the natural concepts of percussiveness, factual probability and alea, to exploring the states in  

organism systems and the relationships that are inextricably linked within each other, as a rizoma.

Questioning the problem of human conditioning as an accident between organic nature and artificial nature. The piece is structured in 12 cadences which evolves like short percussive events composed into a complex audiovisual score, which is re composed and re prepared every time the piece is performed, allowing infinite interpretations based on 12 original acoustic drum short pieces that works as a sound score, and the 24 original raw video materials registered in the Huitepec Reservoir.  

                     LIVE CONCERT EXCERPT. 07-11-2015

Basic photography for the design of visual scores

More info about this work and technical considerations under request.