Piano Audiovisual Poems

This solo piano impromtu - in the moment - pieces are like dreams; imaginary visions within an inner world that appear and disappear as memory landscapes. This visions arise beyond reality, as unrepeatable instants of contemplative meditations on  personal feelings and profound  thoughts,  love,  repentance, solitude and silence, sincere audiosensory thoughts about Life, prayers elevated towards the Divine Supreme Love. 


  IV Cine Concierto en LATERNE San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, 2015

" 7 Cuadros Metafónicos"

Interpretaciones  paramétricas sobre obras de Vassily Kandinsky-Paul Klee-Piet Mondrian-Mark Rotkho-Jackson Pollock-Barnett Newman-Fernand Lèger. Con música de batería extendida/preparada por Milo Tamez.