Orishas pàtàkì toques  & African Dances 

The root-origin principle. Once you´re there, drumming evolves naturally within your own Nature.

In my new 10 BOOK series of TAMBORERO LAB ESTUDIOS WORKSHOP I offer you an incredible compendium of drum-set duo studies with full scores, exercises, theory and history. Founded within the root-origin principle, this compendium of batería ensemble music, I am taking the drum-set musical practice within a deep past-present-future journey through the African practices of the bataleros batería and the Guinean orchestra perspective as evolved from the bàtá drumming and the  West African percussion orchestra. 

In 20 study pieces and exercises you can get as much information, knowledge and experience on batería music as if you spend 2 to 3 years of weekly lessons and ensemble classes!

Why is so?

During the last 20 years I have search in research and study-practice, created and developed this powerful methodology for drum-set and percussion ensemble music, integrating every rhythmic and technical  foundation element and material for drummers to grow further beyond any other methodology ever conceived or published.

This books are designed for the elementary students and practitioners,  whose aim for new directions on percussive thought and understanding of practice and musical self are a priority.