A workshop on Experiencing and Experimenting the Rhythm of Self

Learn how to use sound and spacetime dimension

as a non linear approach to Self Knowledge,

Self Inquiry, and musical practices.

Music is the language of the Soul, the awakening path Universe speak through  us. 


Percussiveness a wellness sense of Nature in ourselves 

Our tympanic membrane is our ancestral communication and communion within our body-self and  in relation to others. 

Harmony of Rhythm and Percussive Art Practices to release stress and emotional instability. 

Deep Listening and Meditation: a core practice for wisdom and clarity through active listening and auditive thinking.

Improvisation, Instant Creative Performance: an awareness and awakening of our inner child.


This workshop is conceived as an alternative music practice and auto-consciousness of our body.

A natural way of healing through sound, movement, body activation and presence.

Enhancing concentration, stress relief, relaxing the mind, creative entertainment, body workout and more. 

An Investigation In


How can I relate to the rhythm of my body? 

How can I become one with my own spacetime field?

How can I transform present movement into my future evolving self? 

How can I become my own portal for intuition and future thinking?

How can I well tune within my rhythm-self?

How can I dialog with my heartbeat? 

Is my heartbeat only a life motor engine, or, is it a self conscious apparatus of wisdom and creativity?

How can I understand better within my own body consciousness?

Is music an invention of human mind or, is human mind an invention of music itself?

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