UBUDIS Ensamble, in duo with Omar Tamez, Presenting ¨Mexicanos¨ released CD. Museo de Historia Mexicana, Mty. N.L. 2015

Works by Nicandro Tamez. In Memoriam Concert at LATERNE San Cristóbal de las Casas. 15-05-2015

IN CADENZA PIECE, at Registros de Audición, Ex Teresa, DF, 2014

STILL_LIFE V.II, percussion-film opera.  A collaboration project with composer Dario Palermo and film artist Alina Rojas. Premiere at Mediarte Festival. Monterrey. Oct. 2013


An energetic explosive 90 minutes long tour the force for solo jazz drum set. An african shout metaphor that explores the paradox of self slavery and the contradictory. A percussive poem constructed as a jazz drumming tesis developed on 8 Afro American avantjazz masters Max Roach, Andrew Cyrille, Rashied Ali, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Beaver Harris, Famoudou Don Moye, Sunny Murray and Milford Graves. 

Drum Odyssey-2006

A science fiction cinematic percussive experience. Composed between 2006-2007. A 7 movement piece inspired in Stanislaw Lem´s ¨Solaris¨ and  Carl Sagan´s ¨The Demons Haunted World¨ novels. The piece is a 60 minute long work performance for extended drum set percussion. The instrumentation includes a 7 piece drum set, 2 congas, 2 bongos, an African Djembe, maracas, a big water pot, Gongs, chimes, bells and cowbells; chinese cymbals, wood blocks, and extensive use of voice.  The original conception of the piece is acoustic, but electronic sound text is included in a special version of the piece.