UBUDIS Ensamble, in duo with Omar Tamez, Presenting ¨Mexicanos¨ released CD. Museo de Historia Mexicana, Mty. N.L. 2015

Works by Nicandro Tamez. In Memoriam Concert at LATERNE San Cristóbal de las Casas. 15-05-2015

IN CADENZA PIECE, at Registros de Audición, Ex Teresa, DF, 2014

STILL_LIFE V.II, percussion-film opera.                                 A collaboration project with composer Dario Palermo and film artist Alina Rojas. Premiere at Mediarte Festival. Monterrey. Oct. 2013

TOBEATORNOTTOBEAT "Slavery is Abolished...it`s its? Mty. Mx. 2010

An energetic explosive 90 minutes long tour the force for solo jazz drum set. An african shout metaphor that explores the paradox of self slavery and the contradictory. A percussive poem constructed as a jazz drumming tesis developed on 8 Afro American avantjazz masters Max Roach, Andrew Cyrille, Rashied Ali, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Beaver Harris, Famoudou Don Moye, Sunny Murray and Milford Graves. 

Drum Odyssey-2006

A science fiction cinematic percussive experience. Composed between 2006-2007. A 7 movement piece inspired in Stanislaw Lem´s ¨Solaris¨ and  Carl Sagan´s ¨The Demons Haunted World¨ novels. The piece is a 60 minute long work performance for extended drum set percussion. The instrumentation includes a 7 piece drum set, 2 congas, 2 bongos, an African Djembe, maracas, a big water pot, Gongs, chimes, bells and cowbells; chinese cymbals, wood blocks, and extensive use of voice.  The original conception of the piece is acoustic, but electronic sound text is included in a special version of the piece.