Vision and auditory senses are so linked in human experience, perception and understanding of the world, language and communication. Visual arts, painting and sculpture is so strongly linked in many ways to the art of drumming.  It is said that creative drummers we work like a painter, we use a wide palette of colors, textures, brushes, sticks, and so diverse variety of accessories. Our instrument offers as many possibilities as our mind can imagine.


Some of my strongest influences and inspiring compositional concepts in percussion music derived from Abstract Expressionist Artists. The compositional treaties and art writings by W. Kandinsky and P. Klee, P. Mondrian and M. Rothko,  are some of the most rich compositional methodology materials one could apply to our art.   


Metaphonic Paintings, is a project linked to parametric work composition utilizing master visual art works as a model musical score. 


The compositional methodology developed has an incredible diverse possibilities for formative recreational  application with kids education.