KARMA Real time electronics/ drum set percussion.

by Rodrigo Castellanos & Milo Tamez.


KARMA is the resulting  process of a collaboration with composer Rodrigo Castellanos  in 2010 in Chiapas, Mx.


The creative matrix for this working process did happen within the interchanging of aesthetic ideas; art, philosophy, anthroposociology,  art paradigms and the artist as a phenomenon of the human communication, counterposed to the actual dominant cognitive and representation mechanisms that dehumanized and fragmentize the curiosity, imagination and inventiveness proper to human being.  These are questions that motivated an intense performance interchange working together with experimental films, free improvisations, and further analyzing the actual performative action between percussion and its electronic processing in real time.


After a year period of paused the process of collaboration (Rodrigo moved to Santiago de Chile), in 2012 we met in Oaxaca creating an audiovisual piece called ACUSTICALIA (name inspired by M. Kagel ¨ACUSTICA¨; a composition I was listening and researching at that time), presented at MACO (Contemporary Art Museum of Oaxaca), also in collaboration with Mexican visual artist Eduardo Meléndez. And these encounter and collaboration configured the origin of a this new work KARMA.


KARMA materializes in 2013  after a year of uninterrupted collaborative work at distance, the development of ideas and conceptions ended with the piece ready to be performed. 

KARMA approaches a sound crossing based on the metaphor within emotional drama associated in humannes and the energy consequences resulting from the flow of actions and reactions commonly linked to the ambitioning of power that restrain new values of our era, smilingly characterized by a sense of guiltiness, fearless and intolerance.  


The piece is composed and developed based on a graphic score that works paralleled to a Pd Patch, which processes the percussion sound in real time. Both materials are presented openly for their interpretation by the performer, that can be presented in different time formats; contracting or expanding the graphic elements in the score, as well as the procedures within the electronic environment developed on the patch.


The two levels of interpretation - that of the instrumentalist and the patch performer -, proposes the simultaneous generative of ideas in the imaginary, through an exhaustive exploration of the graphic score superimposed with the processing of the acoustical sound in real time, that resignifies the instrumental material; resulting in an intricate interplay of counterpoints, reactions, spacial perspectives and fuge lines as in a canvas. It is a symbiosis between the imaginary and the reaction-conditioning attitudes among human beings.

The performance of the piece.


KARMA can be presented in a short version format (9-11 minutes long), or in an extended version (45-50 minutes long). It can be presented in stereo form or surround system. It also offers the possibility of real time video processing.


Extended version premiere at  CMMAS, Morelia Michoacán, MX (January 2014)

More about Rodrigo Castellanos at  http://www.rodrigocastellanos.com