¨Hemisferios¨ is a composed work for large open instrumental ensemble. The piece was conceived and written in December 2012-January 2013, but never rehearsed. The work has been re-prepared  and re-arranged  during the beginning of 2017 to be worked during my 2017-2018 residency in Mexico City. 

This musical work is quite a traditional piece of music, and it offers a path for hybrid modal and harmonic exploration and idiomatic possibilities as well as a complex rhythmical forming environment for the creative performer and multidimensional improvisation.

Hemisferios is also conceived as an extended series of  sequences of sound lines  as scales and rhythmic units that interlace one into the other through the ensemble counterpoint work. 







I´m looking for an orchestral sound organization in this piece, where improvisation possibilitiesdirects toward a compositional field of creative playing/re-composing process; it is jazz and it isn´t. It is free improvisation and it is not. It is chamber music and it is not either. But the sum of all. 

The structural construction of the work offers a foundation rooted in traditional music languages; there is a mixture of rhythm unit system within classical melodic lines and jazz idiomatic space for improvisation, but there is a re consideration of a more open condition where the musical mind and instrumental skill is challenged in many ways, thoughtful driving it into a major and richer musical architecture. The score is fixed but all elements are to be movable as head arrangements and multiple sketches to be reworked during the  process of the musical journey with the ensemble. The larger the ensamble the larger and richer the possibilities to be developed. 


The basic conceptions this work is visualized upon are the brain and the Earth. The geophysical and the cerebral realities. The musical searching lies and leads towards several ideas that have to do with  complementary and elementary gravitational centers, forces of opposing polarities and synergies, balance and unbalance rotatory movement, qualities of functionalities (as in the brain right and left hemispheres); magnetic lines of forces, simultaneous layers of mass texture that thickening and thinning, structural counterparts intertwining building a changing system capable of constructing  new sub-systems, the vital relationship between earth-ocean-atmosphere in our planet system, the brain cell synapses,  etc.