Drumming is an individual experience through music and dancing, singing and listening to our own inner rhythm. Percuting is like dancing, so drumming implies an awareness of the body movement,  and our inner rhythm, at a higher degree.


Music and drumming is a cultural and social endeavor,  to know and understand different styles and forms is as important as knowing and understand people and culture. It allows us to know and understand better ourselves. 


Practicing drumming in a qualified and mindful way, one enters into deeper territories of our own being, and connect us within various ways of thinking, feelings and emotions, mental projections of the world, and ways of doing and expressing creatively ourselves.


The rudimental school practice, like the North American tradition one, represents a small corner of the whole drumming universe. There are as many ways of playing and technics in drumming as there are individuals  in every corner of the planet.


Drumming is a wide universal language spread through diaspora all over the World since ancestral primitive times.


Studying history,  practicing the instrument, researching the performative instrumental technical capabilities, knowing of the multicultural traditions, improvisation, etc. This is what I practice and teach, beyond any border or gender.





Teaching Jazz Drumming means to enter a culture idiosyncrasy, religious manners and practices, spiritual communication, social events, and so on in any form of music. 

My teaching practice is based in all of this concepts and ideas, and is fundamentally structured on the historic evolution of drum set percussion music.



I am available for private lessons, talks, master classes, intensive workshops and full time programs.