2018-2019, cdmx

The beginning of COLLAGE Ensamble is a sort of workshop-composed improvisation platform-environment. Originally the basic idea is based on questions emerged around compositional process, orchestration, language-auditive thinking in a long term evolving composition process. Questions as ¿How to create a composition based on subconscious process of individuals? ¿How can be created- composed a work of art-music in a collective way, that does not fail/fall into the tiresome context of open-free improvisation? and, ¿How can I, as a composer-creator, establish a fertile environment for a large ensemble to develop a music which is essentially vibrant and alive?

The myriad of possibilities for accomplish a different path for creative music are endless. The problems to resolve to put together a functional large ensemble are endless to. ¿How to get an individual pure music out from the confort zone he/she is used to work on?

Automatic playing-composing is within improvisation a congruent way of introducing a new methodology for developing new music-art. The collage technique used by Dada-Surrealist Artist from the first half of XX Century, brings in a wide open consideration of materials to explore. In this case, I concentrate on Max Ernst Une Semaine du Bontè. 


Mapping a multidimensional module score to collide contrasting-diverse and even opposite composed materials from each musician-instrumentalist in the ensemble, opens an interesting compositional problem of interaction, musical thinking, metaphysical and philosophic ground on where to seed new genuine musical mind perspectives.