C O L L A G E    E N S A M B L E

¨Una Semana de Bondad¨

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COLLAGE ENSAMBLE is a sort of workshop-composed-real time oriented ensemble. The basic idea is based on questions emerged around compositional process, orchestration, multi language environment for a long term evolving group composition process. Questions as ¿How to create a composition based on subconscious process among different individuals? ¿How can be create and compose a work of art music in a collective way, that does not fail nor fall into the over used context of open-free improvisation? ¿How  I, as a composer, can establish a fertile environment for a large ensemble group to develop a music which is essentially vibrant and alive?

The development of the music  is based on the idea of automat playing, and the inspiring and study theme is Max Ernst Une Semaine du Bonté.  Automatic Playing and Composing is, within improvisation territories,  a subconscious way of introducing a new methodology for developing New Music. The collage technique, created and developed by Dada-Surrealist artists, applied to music composition and real time performance, opens a wide diversity of materials to explore and  confront subjectivity within each others ensemble perspectives, and on music imagination and creativity performance.

The music sheet for this work is prepared as a map of chronometrical multidimensional module staff, on which every material collide into a contrasting and diverse, and even opposite composed materials from each musician involved in the ensemble; this opens an interesting compositional problem of interaction, musical thinking, metaphysical and philosophic ground on where to seed new genuine musical mind perspectives.