Kids finds here a magic natural reservoir for exploring within themselves,

departing from their own musical instrument: their body.

The main instrument is the human body itself. The body is our generative source of stimulus synthesis, for the imagination, and creative mind. The proprioceptive system of our body is a sponge of the colorful palette and  infinite diversity of tonalities and mixtures of textures in nature to explore. 

This is a special methodology created and design during my years in Los Altos de Chiapas. 

I developed while in collaboration with LATERNE, an independent school of arts created and curated by the artist Nadine Schlubach  and Sergio Bermúdez, between 2012 and 2014.

Audiosphere is the spacetime environment_situation_state, where sound exists and develops as a biological being.


Like the atmosphere and the stratosphere and its elements. The audiosphere is a place, field or state, where the biological life of sounds, interacts and reproduce. 


It is not about playing music in the traditional way, but generating sound as pure matter, gathering of elemental bodies of vibrating content, which naturally develops through the act of playing.


Sometimes this playing is lead by a strategy, others it is open to self wishful thinking and open will, others at individual creative intuitive impulses.  

Other is a beautiful state of calmness, observation and silence.




Before thinking, there is pure intuition; instead of technique, there is perception and cognition.




The goal is to generate imaginary vehicles to developing notions and open ideas that arise within ourselves in relation to our surroundings and habits;

our body receptors and auditory sensors becomes, over a given period of time, our auditive thinking before any musical preconception. 

We work with our perception of inner-outer states of physical existence, a keen sense of spacetime, rhythm and movement, the magic of sound textures, colors, and temperature of sound tonalities around us.