SchlagArt -ArtePercusivoIntegralLibre


SchlagArt- Arte Percussive Integral Libre a work in progress creative process which nourishes from the concept of percussiveness in nature. It started as an explorative platform path into a diverse percussive poetic and as an exploration of universal human expression values. Started in 2001 presenting new original works for solo extended-prepared drum set, the work expanded towards integrating live poetry, movement, lighting; later on video, electronics and sound art, until what it is today. 

Many original compositions evolved along the first seven years; compositions which represent an in depth researching combination on avantjazz drumming, ethnic music, experimental structuring and open-free improvisation, as well as XX-XXI Century percussion music influences

Collaboration with  composers has been as vital as my own creative development and has offered a profound enrichment and feedback to the project evolution.