We must homage tradition. We belong to a present past into future tradition. We have to be aware of what is our tradition and form where other traditions we are building up into our present art. 


My solo pieces lives into those temporal universes. Each one of them has its own identity related to space-time history. All of them represent a searching into the unrevealed future of a given moment. Everyone has its roots and origins in musics, literature, poetics and aesthetics that still lives in the past. The resonance within each composition calls for a communication in communion with human experience, facts and future visions of percussive phenomena and experience. 


TOBEATORNOTTOBEAT, Slavery is Abolished...It´s Its? 

Was my first complete extended composition work of music for solo drum set. It was conceived as a tesis on Afro American Jazz drumming languages. Inspired on eight outstanding master drummers from the 60´s, and it evolves as a percussive poem  and a sociopolitical manifesto statement against self slavery. It is also an exhaustive study deepening into the complexities of jazz drumming art form and as a sociological statement about the contradictions and oppositions between Black and White