In creating this new music as an art form, instrumentalists, drummer-percussionists we all reach back into the basics of drum set music  practice. Furthermore, the conception in itself is a special combination of classical-contemporary chamber music oriented recital, and that within the traditions linked to folk and ethnic percussion gatherings, could be in a ritual, voodoo, trance, healing, spiritual ceremonial, carnaval or simple dance celebrity context. 


A drummer is a gravity center voice in any social community system, as it is in a musical band of any style of music. But in solo drum set music, my vision is that he becomes more of a shaman who calls and speaks to the ancestors, he also could call to dance and for traditional festivities, or he may be a medium for healing through percussive sound therapy. This power of drumming comes from its long living history involvement and evolution among civilizations through human eras. In our time, performing a drum set solo means that we are connecting and intertwining forces of different dimensions, timings, energies and communal spiritual environments.


This is the very basic and essential sense and deeper understanding of drum set art form. We drummers composed, perform and celebrate. We are our own leading conductor as well as we set our instruments wherever we are allowed to do so. We establish the rhythm of our performance act as far as we wants to take an audience into a voyage. The voyage in a drummer is himself while solo drumming. Stories, tales, soundscapes, complex developments of sonic assault, extreme contrasting dynamic passages, volumes and shapes...everything can happen in a solo drum set music concert. 


Then, ¿Is there a difference between its forms, languages, aesthetics, and between a folk or ethnic context from a new music one?  The question responds almost on itself, since drumming is so universal and diverse, drum set new music means and integration of any material available.


Vision and auditory senses are so linked in human experience, perception and understanding of the world, language and communication. Visual arts, painting and sculpture is so strongly linked in many ways to the art of drumming.  It is said that creative drummers we work like a painter, we use a wide palette of colors, textures, brushes, sticks, and so diverse variety of accessories. Our instrument offers as many possibilities as our mind can imagine. 


Some of my strongest inspiring painters were the abstract expressionists from the first half of XX Century. The compositional treaties and art writings by W. Kandinsky and P. Klee are of the most rich compositional methodology materials one could apply to our art.