Drumming has been the  basic of human communication through the ages. Creating music for solo drum set is a complete rounded art form in itself. Since Max Roach in Afro American Culture, we can observe how human diaspora through the entire planet expands and expresses on the very basics of human continuity and constant need of a natural intuitive force and empowerment of sociopolitical means.


Drumming and percussive music isn´t a new thing, it´s been among human race since ever and in constant evolution in every continent. We tend to think and believe it was originated in Africa, but the reality of its origins are spread out all over the world. What we call solo drum set music now, is the present state of this peregrine and nomadic art form; and it expresses the complexity of our present human civilization and its history and aesthetics. In a global civilization like ours, it is natural that this new sort of musical expression brings together the  music characteristics of many cultures and  their languages and cosmovisions. It has become a deeply hybrid art form and a complex multidimensional art form. 


I can say that my solo music belongs to a global tradition that expands from present to past into the unknown future. It is the result of a practice of a wide and diverse percussive world  integration of forming languages and identity sense. My intention isn´t that of a technical display nor of the so called modern nor contemporary qualities related to style, but instead, a true natural direct and empowered via of percussive knowledge communion through action- performance practice. 


Solo drumming music is a percussive poetics  soundscape, whose genesis emanates from dreams, intuitive thinking, listening memory, rhythm observation in nature, and we may talk about encoded data in human DNA!


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