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              SchlagArt -ArtePercusivoIntegralLibre


SchlagArt-Arte Percussive Integral Libre is a work in progress process which nourishes from the concept of percussiveness in nature. This working process  explores and develops as a phenomenology path into a unique and diverse percussive poetic. At the beginning in 2001, the main interest was in the study and understanding of contemporary percussion music and thus  bringing those languages into the drumming world I was practicing and discovering; then on, the focus transformed  into presenting new original works for solo extended-prepared drum set. Many original compositions evolved along the first seven to eight years, compositions which were an in depth researching mixture on avantjazz drumming, ethnic rhythms, experimental structuring and other traditional percussion music influences. Some collaboration with  composers also happened creating new music compositions for extended drum set-percussion; collaborations that still are happening as fundamental essence in the evolution of SchlagArt process as a whole. At present moment, SchlagArt has become a way of understanding and investigating natural order-disorder phenomena, the concept of factual probability and of alea applied to music thinking and forming. The experience of oposites like sound-silence, lightness-darkness, softness- hardness; perception and conditioning expressed as the  percussiveness experience.